D-et®: Sucralose D-et, Great taste of sugar with NO calories
Sucralose D-et, 0Kcal/Sachet


D-et ®

Unlike those ordinary blends filled up with flour, starches, dextose, maltodextrin, or even sugar,
D-et® is a blend of Sucralose and Erythritol.
Sweetened with the sucralose, D-et® then
  • tastes like sugar, and
  • can be cooked at high temperature.
Filled up with the erythritol, D-et® thus has
  • NO sugar
  • superior taste,
  • virtually zero calories, and
  • truely low-carb (less than 0.04g carb-count per sachet)
sucralose D-et, sachets

D-et® is available in 3 types of packing.

    1. D-et® Shaker, packed in a 10-cm-height plastic container with flip caps as a part of table condiments.
    sucralose D-et, shaker
    • Two shakes sweetens like one teaspoon of sugar.
    • 0 Kcalorie
    • One shaker is equivalent to the sweetness of sugar about 200 teaspoons.
    2. D-et® Sachet, packed in a single-serving paper sachet for ease of use.
    sucralose D-et, box
    • One sachet sweetens like 2 teaspoons of sugar.
    • 0 Kcalorie / sachet
    3. D-et® Bag, packed in a plastic bag for bulk cooking; in hospital services, in home-made recipes etc.
    sucralose D-et, bag
    • 1/4 teaspoon sweetens like 2 teaspoons of sugar.
    • 0 Kcalorie

Certificate of Free Sale

D-et, Certificate of Free Sale

D-et ® Max

D-et® Max is the sucralose for food manufacturers.

Certificate of Free Sale

D-et Max, Certificate of Free Sale

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